Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson

I am so over people being negative about Michael Jackson's funeral. So the city spent a bunch of money on it, so what? For a brief amount of time millions of people across the world were joined in celebrating an amazing artist. Our state/city wastes so much money on other stuff that I really care nothing about so might as well spend money on something important. I just read that it was $49,000 to pay for policeman lunches. Hey policemen, I don't get free food at my job, how come you do? I loved how many of the people complaining on Facebook were:

1. State workers that I know spend a ton of wasted time or use time to gouge the government for money.

2. I was going to say something mean here but won't because it may be too obvious who it is about.

3. People who are pastor's of churches that spend thousands of dollars on lighting, videos, etc. Talk about waste.

4. People that are mad that Michael Jackson is more popular than Jesus. I have an idea, rather than spewing hatred on Facebook, how about showing a positive message of love. I think Jesus would be trying to use this situation to show His love and as a time to discuss Eternity with people.

Sorry I am just sick of this. I feel like so many of my "Christian" friends on Facebook are embarassing to me. I feel like they send the wrong message about who we are.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I Don't Care!!!!!!!!1

Have you ever noticed how people think they are so cool just because they like some random, unheard of band? I have and it irritates the crap out of me. Who cares if you worship Shitake Mushroom Sauce* or have been to every show that Chinese Firedrill* has ever done??? NOBODY! These same people also get irritated when their band goes mainstream. Why? Shouldn't they be happy that the band is getting their music out to more people? This also normally means that they will also be able to sustain their music-making even longer. Uggghhh. It just bugs me. I like bands like Incubus and singers like Justin Timberlake and I will like them regardless if one or one billion people like them!

*Band names have been changed to ones I made up.