Monday, January 12, 2009

50 and Fabulous

The following is a list of men over the age of 50 that I am oddly attracted to. I am not including the men that everyone finds attractive (Pierce Brosnan, Harrison Ford, Chris Noth, etc.) I have probably forgotten some, but here is the beginning. I am sure you will probably think I am crazy after you read this and analyze this.

  • Gary Oldman – I love him as Sirius Black and felt he was the best part of the most recent Batman movie.

  • Gabriel Byrne – Have you seen Little Women with Wynona Ryder? That is the movie that made me fall in love with him.

  • John Malkovich – He is so weird and odd but in a really good way.

  • James Gonlfini - However, I only like him as Tony Soprano.

  • Ian Mcshane – He is famous for being on Deadwood. He is just a bad ass and that is why I like him.


  1. I LOVE this list. The only one I don't know is the Deadwood guy. I agree with all of the others, especially Gabriel Byrne in Little Women. He was adorable in that movie! I always knew you had good taste!

  2. I also forgot about Geoffrey Rush!

  3. HAHA!! I have a FAVE too... My SWEETIE - Chuck =) I still don't feel like we are OVER 50!!!!! HAHAHA!!!

  4. Ahh... You forgot about my over 50 crush, Sir Sean Connery.

  5. Nancy, I used to totally have a crush on him too but then I heard all these stories about hwat a complete jerk he was in real life!