Monday, January 26, 2009

Friend of the Week - Kim Hamilton

Since Mondays are normally kind of crappy days, I have decided to dedicate each Monday blog to a different friend, hence the name “Friend of the Week”. I have decided to start this with a fellow blogger, Kimberly Marie Dial Hamilton.

Kim and I knew each other off and on throughout high school but really became good friends our senior year at Glendora. God put us in ALL 6 classes together. There was pretty much no way we could not have become close friends after that! We instantly recognized that we were kindred spirits and have never looked back! We have been roommates and our friendship has lasted despite the separation of miles throughout the years (note: SHE always was the one to move away, not me). There are so many nice things I could say about Kim. She is incredibly friendly. That is probably the first thing you notice about her. You want Kim at a party; she will make the rounds and make everyone feel comfortable. She has lived in many places and always manages to quickly make lasting friendships and connections with people. We have an intense connection, one that helped me to figure out she was pregnant before she wanted anyone to know! I love talking to Kim and the longer we go between having those one-on-one talks, the longer I feel that longing in my heart to be with her. Her perspective is always fresh and she has a way of making you consider things that you may not have on your own. Kim is also very hospitable. I have said that I have been welcomed by Kim at her various spots around the country for visits and that has translated to her in her current home. She has created her home to be not only beautiful but a place where you feel welcome and comfortable.

Kim is sincere and genuinely cares about people and what they are doing and feeling. She always remembers things and follows up with you. I have been so lucky as to watch Kim’s relationship with the Lord. I will never forget the night in my room at my parents’ home when Kim and I spent most of the evening discussing Jesus and Christianity. Kim has truly matured into a Godly, Christian woman. Kim is a great wife and Karl is lucky to have her! We are lucky to have Karl too and I am blessed by them as a couple continually.

Last year Kim became a mother. I know she was wondering how she would be as a mother and what the future held for her family. I knew all along that Kim would be a wonderful mother and that has only been verified since the birth of Gavin. Kim is an amazing mother and watching her go through this process and continue to mother Gavin is wonderful. She manages to beautifully balance between family, work and friendship. Gavin makes me so happy and knowing that he is an extension of Kim makes me love him even more! My arms are killing me today because I was playing with Gavin yesterday at church and lifting that adorable little boy up over and over. It was worth it to hear his little screams of delight and happy laughter!

I love you Kim! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us and I look forward to our continued friendship!

Here is a picture of Kim and I at her wedding!


  1. Melis...this is so sweet and seriously EXACTLY Kim. Every which way you described her to a perfect T! Love you both!!

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  3. What a nice idea--I bet all your friends will be wondering who gets to be "it" next week! Good job!

  4. I'm lucky to have you as my friend! I'm so thankful for you. God knew what he was doing all those years ago at GHS. But I keep trying to run away from you - 1st Denver, then NYC even Santa Barbara. :-)

  5. You are such a great writer, Melissa. I agree with Jeana - this totally describes our friend, Kim.